Reporting Solutions

From automated, standardized management reporting to interactive analytical dashboards, we offer templated and customized reporting solutions on a variety of platforms to fulfil the reporting needs of your organization.


Depending on your organization’s needs, expertise and capacity, we can provide a fully managed reporting-as-a-service, or migrate newly developed reports to internal departments and provide the training necessary to maintain and own them going forward.

“Incorporating visualization lessons gained from other clients, Roberts Advisory created a solution with drill-downs, filters and contextualized graphics that promoted greater understanding of relationships.

They showed us different views and unique perspectives we didn’t know were possible, with the added bonus of providing more rigor to data governance over our BI data.”

-- David Gaskin, Chief Financial Officer, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia


Automated reporting and interactive dashboards that enable practical management of your business domains - examples:

  • Operations/Sales

      • Performance Reporting

      • Relationship Portfolio Dashboards

      • Contact Management & Pipeline Performance

  • Marketing

      • Customer / Member Intelligence

      • Product Performance Reporting & Analysis

      • Campaign Management Reporting

  • Finance / Credit

      • Profitability Reporting & Analysis

      • Commercial Credit Portfolio Reporting

      • Retail Credit Portfolio Reporting